Zoe wants to play the violin

It started about a year ago.  I'm not quite sure why.  Suddenly Zoe said "I want to play the violin."  She said it, and I kind of had to do a double take.  I mean.... violin?  Who's first instrument choice is violin? Violin certainly wasn't my first choice. I wanted to play flute.  But NO... too many people wanted flute.  I ended up "playing" violin.  I'm sure my parents would have a different word to describe what I was doing with that violin.  I tried for 2 years.  That was enough for everyone involved.

I personally would rather Zoe play drums.  I mean... we already have a full drum set in our basement anyway.  And I think drummers are pretty cool (especially drum-line drummers being the marching band colorguard geek that I was.)  And girl drummers?  Even cooler.

Or... how about ukelele?  We have 3 of those all of a sudden.  Or guitar?  I may have lost track of how many guitars are in our basement.  Heck, Nick may have lost track at this point. (At one point I think he said 15?)  Or piano/keyboards?  We have a full sized keyboard.  All of these could be cool choices. But, if you ask "So, Zoe, if we signed you up for music lessons... what would you want to play?" she answers "Violin."  It's like, the one instrument we don't own (Yes. I know I'm exaggerating.)  Zoe wants to play the violin.

Do you know what a child learning to play the violin sounds like???  Sigh.

After Zoe made her "I want to play the violin" announcement I randomly came across Lindsey Stirling on YouTube.  I can say at this point I'm slightly obsessed with her.  I mean... she's cool!  She makes the violin cool.  (Not that I'm saying the violin isn't cool.  Never said that. ahem.)  So, when Zoe mentions her desire to play violin (which she will start next year, sigh) I take a moment to watch Lindsey play.  And I wonder how long it might be until Zoe makes the violin cool.

And then I watched this video... and I suddenly realized that, if she learns to play the violin and gets at all good, it's much more likely that we're going to start hearing things like the theme songs to Zoe's favorite video games and movies and cartoons (um... I suppose the theme to Adventure times isn't too annoying.  Maybe I can luck out and the Harry Potter music will be her favorite?)  So maybe Zoe won't make violin cool... so much as geeky cool (which is ok... because her mom is a geek.  A geek who, as a child, played more Zelda than I care to admit.)

So, the violin could be cool.  We'll be getting a violin to add to our basement collection.  I look forward to hearing random theme songs coming out of a stringed instrument.

Yes, I know I'm getting ahead of myself.  Yes, I know how squeaking and ear piercing a violin being bowed by a new player can be.  Yes I know I should start stocking up on earplugs and advil now.  Or... maybe we should start setting aside money to at least semi-soundproof the basement recording studio.  Hmmm.....

Oh yeah... and then there's this.  I have to include this.  I love it mostly because it's tagged #geekweek.


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NaBloPoMo 2013