Zoe is 6!

One upon a time... Zoe looked like this...

I don't know where the time has gone... but that sweet baby has turned into a rather smart and sassy six year old.  She LOVED kindergarten.  She can read.  She can add.  She is obsessed with coloring and drawing and writing stories.  She has 2 VERY wobbly bottom teeth... but the tooth fairy hasn't visited yet.  She's played soccer and t-ball and was in her 4th dance recital.  She sings her way through most of the day (I STILL swear she believes her life is a musical!)  She is extremely outgoing and makes friends everywhere we go. 

This year we had Zoe's birthday party with her friends at Cookie Party.  (If you live nearby... AWESOME place for a party.)

I thought I would leave the guest list up to Zoe this year... thinking she would come up with 10 or 12 friends.  Heh.

Zoe listed every single classmate... then added her 1st best friend (from toddler class)... then added a few t-ball teammates (that she also knew from preschool)... and... the list kept going.  I swear Zoe considers everyone her friend.

Zoe loved decorating her apron.  Flowers seem to be THE thing to be drawing lately.

Ana got to come to Zoe's party.  She actually thought it was her party too.  As far as she was concerned her birthday started with Zoe's on June 30th... and just continued straight on through her birthday on July 10th.  We gave up trying to explain... and just enjoyed her birthday excitement.

Zoe didn't love the idea of sharing her birthday too much though... so my serious 6 year old spent a lot of time calmly explaining to Ana how "this is MY party Ana... you're party is in 10 days..." 

All of the kids had some real moments of serious concentration at this party.  It was amazing how the kids would all follow the step by step instructions so well.  They were all really well behaved.   I guess all kids really do love baking.

While the cookies were baking... there was pizza to be eaten, Happy Birthday to be sang, and candles to be blown out.

And suddenly my baby is 6. 

She's her own little person... with her own thoughts, ideas, and experiences.  She's just such a happy kid.

(but she's still my sweet baby.)