The Princess of Opinions

Zoe has never really been opinionated about the clothes we give her to wear each day.  We never really had to deal with an argument over what she would wear.  We hand her clothes... she puts them on.  I'm not saying she didn't ever have preferences... and sometimes she asks to wear something else that's in the closet or drawer.  But, every piece of clothing she owned would be worn.  She's just always been easy to dress.

Ana is the opinion princess when it comes to clothes.  She almost never wants to wear what we give her (even when she whines "yooouuuu pick something for meeee.").  Whatever we pick she wants something else.  And generally... the fancier the better.  She will always pick a dress over anything else.  A skirt is the next best thing.  If a shirt is long enough it can be deemed a dress.  We can't really get away with anything simple.  Once in a blue moon we can slip a "plain" shirt past her if it's paired with a skirt and the promise of necklaces.  The girl is a real life Fancy Nancy.  There are simple, perfectly good pieces of clothing that she just flat out refuses to wear (think plain long sleeve Land's End t-shirts and stretchy pants... anything solid colored).  She won't wear them.  Ever.  It's not a discomfort thing... it's a boring thing.  Ana has literally told me she won't wear something because the she "simply won't be pretty enough".

What do you do with clothes that your kids just don't want to wear?  Do you leave them in their dresser drawers in the hopes that they just might wear them before they grow out of that size?  Do you try to trick them into wearing them by pairing them with something outrageous?  Or do you just call it a battle not worth fighting and put them in the hand-me-down bag or donation bag earlier than planned?

I'm leaning towards the worthless battle and donating away the "boring" clothes.  But, it kills me a little to give away perfectly good clothes that fit just because a certain fancy princess has deemed them "just horrible".

I can only imagine the trouble this girl is going to give me when she nears the teen years.