Zoe has her own Study Space thanks to Olive Us

Zoe started having homework last year in 1st grade. She would come home with her little math sheet and sit at the dining room table.  Some days she would have no trouble concentrating and would be don't in minutes.  Yeah homework!  But other days?  Other days Ana would want to "help" Zoe, or sit at the table and do her own toddler "homework", or she would agree to sit and watch TV and leave Zoe alone.  Unfortunately the TV room is right next to the dining room, so that was as distracting as Ana "helping".  On those days... that one math sheet (or whatever) would take FOREVER.  It was a fight with Zoe.  It was a fight with Ana.  It was just a big old fight. Then one day I found Olive Us.  Everything about Olive's family inspires me.  And then this past September... inspiration of all inspirations... Olive did a video entitled "How to Set Up a Study Space".  (Season 2 Episode 8)

I immediately found Zoe a little desk set with a desk, chair, and lamp.  After setting it up, Zoe collected all of her homework supplies and finished her set up.  Since then Zoe gets home from school, has a little snack, and then heads up to the quiet of her room.  She sits at her own little study space and homework time is SO MUCH EASIER.

I know I could have come up with the solution on my own... but sometimes it takes seeing someone else do it before you can motivate yourself.

Thanks Olive Us!