Zoe and Ana take on NYC

This past Sunday we had no plans. Actually, let me rephrase that... we had plans to do nothing. You know... one of those days where you actually say "let's stay home and do nothing!"

Well that quickly changed.

Nick took Zoe to church. While they were there the phone rang (which is odd for a Sunday morning). It was Marianne, a "mom friend". (Zoe and her daughter Anna were in the same class last year and we signed them up for dancing class together.) She had a last minute offer... 4 tickets to see the Laurie Berkner Band in New York at Lincoln Center. Anna and her brother were sick and couldn't go. I felt horrible for them... but I jumped at the chance for us to go. (I had actually been trying to get tickets.)

We love Laurie Berkner and sing her songs all the time. We have 3 of her cds in our car cd player. We have a dvd of her music videos. Nick even likes her music (and can be occassional caught singing a song or 2).

So... spur of the moment... we were in the car driving to NY. Zoe spent the car ride looking out the window and asking where the "big city" was and where Laurie Berkner was. It was all very exciting.

We made it on time with just a little bit of traffic and irritation caused by being directed out of the tunnel in the wrong direction. (Oh, Zoe enjoyed the tunnel... Ana didn't.) We were able to park and make it to the potty before any potty accidents (phew).

We took the little HP camera that I won from Stacy a while ago and I'm quite impressed with the results. Most importantly... it saved me from having to lug around the DSLR and a baby and a diaper bag. How do people manage it all on a regular basis in NYC???

So... pictures...

Wow!!! Lincoln Center! Now... where's Laurie Berkner?
Happily sitting in our seats. Free seats are the best seats!
Daddy and Zoe... getting more and more excited.
Ana... not so excited. She enjoyed the concert in her own way.
Yeah! Yippee! Laurie Berkner!!!

Thank goodness for easy going children and spontaneity.
One of our favorite songs... Pig on Her Head.
They tell you to bring and animal to the show... so Zoe had a lion on her head...
The funniest part of our little excursion was when we left the theater and we actually saw a man outside with a cat on his head. A real live cat just sitting on his head. I tried to get a photo... but it's not great.
We took a short walk after the show. It was a beautiful day. A longer walk would have been nice except Zoe with no nap doesn't make for very pleasant walks.

So Zoe and Ana have had their first trip to NYC. It went well. Hopefully we'll be able to do some more fun city trips in the future. Zoe already had her eye on the Little Mermaid on Broadway billboard!