You forgot what?!

If you were to look at my texts, you would see that 99 percent of them are “Where are you?” Or for fun “Where ru?!?!” A close second would be “?” or my favorite “MOM.” One time, I was driving and decided to have Siri read my texts to me. There was something soothing about hearing her say “MOM” 37 times. Way different than if I had heard the sender say my name 37 times in a row. Or one time there was this string of texts:


In this age of digital communication, I’ve been able to keep track of the requests I get, because way more often than not, they are texted to me. Here a curated list of the things my kids have texted me they somehow left behind:

Chicken Nuggets

Little speaker guy (a bluetooth speaker shaped like a small person)


French homework

longer pants


Phone (texted on a sibling’s phone)

Entire backpack (That’s when I knew I was failing to raise functional children.)

These days, there’s not a whole lot I can do if something is left behind. At the middle school, I can drop it in a bin outside, but I probably won’t if its not critical. And at the High School, there isn’t even a bin. So the texts these days are more about just commiserating about the state of affairs. Does that count as functional?