You Are My Cupcake

When Zoe picked up You Are My Cupcake at her school book fair and insisted that she wanted to buy it I thought it was a little silly.  It was so obviously a "baby" book.  But, Zoe thought it was cute and she has a mom who is a sucker for a book.  I don't know that I've EVER said no to a request for a book (Some people might tell you our children's book collection might be getting a little out of hand).  So we brought home a "baby" book in the little pile of easy reader books.

When we got home Ana kind of claimed You Are My Cupcake as her own.  Zoe doesn't seem to mind that it has become Ana's book.  (That right there is kind of miraculous.)  Ana LOVES this book.  She has "read" it about a gazillion times.  Amazingly... I don't mind if she reads it a gazillion more times.  It gives me a giggle every single time she finishes the last line of the book.

I think she "reads" it pretty clearly... but just in case that's just a mom understanding her kid... here are the words: You are my cupcake. My sticky little gumdrop. My mushy little sweet pea. My oven baked cutie pie. My honey roasted peanut. My chubby little pumpkin. Baby, I could eat you up!

Did you have a little giggle too?