Yo Gabba Gabba "Hello Friends!" app

App Logo - YGG

App Logo - YGG

Yo Gabba Gabba has a new app available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Google Android Devices atiTunes and Google Play.  

Yo Gabba Gabba! Hello Friends! offers digital-savvy families an easy way to encourage kids to build critical thinking skills while entertaining any time, anywhere.  Kids will enjoy talking to Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Plex and Toodee; dressing up the characters and DJ Lance Rock; playing games that incentivize players to collect virtual stickers to use in the dress up interactive feature, and watching their favorite live action and animated segments from the television series, including “Cool Tricks,” “Dancey Dance,” “Story Time” and “Super Music Friends Show.”

Hello Friends has 4 different features: Friends, Photos, Games and Videos.

In Friends you can "talk" to the 5 characters.  Ana loves it... it annoys me.  The video for chat doesn't really leave enough time to "answer" their questions before they continue talking.  But... Ana talks to them just the same.

In Photos you can pick from a couple dozen pics of the characters.  The you can add "stickers" to decorate with hats, instruments, glasses, etc.  Again... Ana loves it.

In Games there are currently 2 choices with a number of "coming soon" games.  Both games are very VERY retro (just what you would expect from Yo Gabba Gabba).  I have to admit... I'm slightly addicted to making Brobee jump up his platforms and getting Muno to run and jump across the screen.  They're simple enough for a preschooler to play... but can be challenging enough for a (ridiculous game obsessed) adult.

And Videos is exactly that... videos of the songs from the show.  I'm pretty impressed with the number of videos available.  I lost track of how many you could scroll through.  My only complaint is that you don't have a choice in the video that plays... except to hit the arrow button skip to the next video.  That didn't bother Ana at all, EXCEPT when she wanted to replay a video.  No option for that.

At $3.99 it's a little pricier than some of the things I download for Ana (generally her apps seem to be $.99 or $1.99... or free).  But... it's a pretty high quality app.  We haven't encountered a single glitch or bug.  The simple silly games are addicting.  The videos seem never-ending.  If your kid loves Yo Gabba Gabba... they'll love this app.

Disclosure: I was given a promo code in order to download the Hello Friends! iPhone app.  The opinions expressed are all mine.