Yippee! Sunshine!

Finally the sun came back to us... along with temperatures in the 80s. It was the most beautiful day. Hot... but not too hot. No humidity to speak of. Just lovely.

We spent most of the morning in the backyard (with Zoe asking "where tree??).
We also painted the deck (with big paint brushes and water).
Zoe took a short nap (too short for my liking).
With too much day left to deal with I decided it was a perfect pool afternoon. Zoe was so excited to hear the words "wanna go swimming?". She rushed around looking for her swim suit and water shoes. It was the quickest pool prep. ever.

I guess everyone had the same idea that I had after the horrible weather we had last week. The pool was packed! Zoe wasn't quite sure which kids to look at first.

I love this shot. She kept reaching down and splashing the water up so it would rain down on her head. This "pose" just tickles me though.

Yep... a successful afternoon at the pool.

One tired Zoe.