WW - Friday Edition - October Friends

***Yes, it's "wordless"... but a note of explanation at the bottom...

***So, the people at Wordless Wednesday thoroughly confused me yesterday. They came through with a post on my reader... and it wasn't Wednesday. Very confused. So, I reposted my Wednesday to the site. Now again today... Friday Edition. Huh??? I figured it out though.

They have decided to be "wordless all week long"! And, if you know me... you know you don't have to twist my arm to get me to share more photos! So, I may not post a "Wordless Wednesday" every day (Because, come on... I know some of you out there like my words. Right?) But, sometimes I have photos I like to share, and nothing to really say about them. From now on, anytime I've got a picture like that... you'll be seeing a Wordless Wednesday post. (Thank you Wordless Wednesday for giving me an excuse!)

I apologize in advance if I confuse you. Ha Ha.