Dear Zoe,

Part of the reason to start these letters was to remind you (and ourselves) of some of the cute ways you said different words. It will be difficult to write them down in the way you pronounce them... but I'll do my best. Every day you say new things... some very clearly, and others in your own way that we have to decipher.

When you first starting saying "Mommy" it sounded very similar but with "nn" for the "mm".
Mommy = Monny

For "Daddy"... it was similar... "b" was in place of "d".
Daddy = Boddy or Bobby

"Where are you?" always sounds like one big word. It has slowly become more clear... but still one big word.
Where are you? = whe-ah-yee?

The same is true for "here you go". One word.
Here you go = ee-ya-go

Other simple words are...
Doggie = Dough-gie
Bubbles =boo-yeahs
Berries = bay-yees

That's my list for today. I'll try to add more as I think of them. Listening to you chatter is one of my very favorite things.