Wordless Wednesday (with words) - Going Crazy

If you're looking for wordless... stop here... click away. Ignore the words.

OK... so I was going to just post some pictures, because it's Wednesday... and I have the excuse of Wordless Wednesday. But, I just can't leave it at that.

I had an actual post in mind for today. A wordy post. A post about Zoe and her silliness. A post to remind us of some of the things she does... the things that make her Zoe. It's started... but it won't be done for today. I don't think anything is actually "done" today. Laundry still in the dryer. Dishes still in the sink. Bathtub full of toys.

Nick is in Calgary for work all week. It's Wednesday. It's that halfway breaking point. Today has been hard.

Actually, I take that back. This morning was great. Zoe was great... a miracle of listening ears, dressing herself, eating her whole breakfast, putting her shoes on herself, trying her coat and getting right in the car. No arguing. Just all sunshine and roses. It was heaven. Ana slept until I woke her to take Zoe to school. She slept a little more when we came home... had a happy content morning.

This afternoon was hard. Very hard. Zoe's teacher said she had a rough day. Every little thing caused a breakdown. I realized when we got home that not only was sand stuck all over her tush because the sandbox was wet... but she'd had a potty accident and didn't tell anyone. Thank goodness she was agreeable to a nap and didn't argue with it (much). I was able to leave her asleep when Grandma came to stay with her. Phew.

Ana had her 4 month pediatrician appointment. (All is well... I'll update on that later.) She was a big ball of happy chunky monkey for the nurses and doctor. Then... she had a combination of vaccines resulting in 1 oral, and 3 injections. She is sore, and cranky, and clingy, and crying. Tylenol did not seem to help. Enough said on that for now.

Ana wants all of my attention. Zoe wants all of my attention. Nick is in Calgary. There is not enough wine in the fridge. sniffle sniffle sniffle. I want my Mommy.

I was able to sit Zoe down with some water and paint books. I was able to cook us some dinner while Ana sobbed and stared at me from her swing. I was able to get the girls both in the bath (the peepee sandy one... and the sobbing sniffly drooling one). I was able to get Zoe to read books alone in her room while I gave Ana a tummy filling bottle of formula (because the breast was just not cutting it). I was able to get Ana to snooze in her crib and Zoe to watch a little Dora (thank you 24 hours a day Noggin).

The night is not over. Ana is snoozing but I can hear her stirring. The snoozing is great. The stirring is going to cause more issues. She's stirring as it's time to put Zoe to bed. Here we go again. Wish me luck.