Wishing Patrick the Mailman the very happiest of birthdays here in Madison, NJ!


If you drive around in the neighborhoods up the hill from St.Vincent Martyr School today, you'll notice signs of a something special.  Patrick the mailman's mail stops are all celebrating his birthday! Beth Landau has been heading up this celebration for the past three years.

Beth Landau had this to say about Patrick, as a small way to explain why they celebrate Patrick's birthday:

Patrick knows so much about our lives.  He knows our pets, our kids, which letters we are looking out for.  I know he’s a twin and has a big family and I believe Patrick’s last name is Mitchell, but we all just know him as "Patrick the mailman".  I wish I knew more about him.  He’s one of the kindest men you’ll ever meet.  When my mom passed away, he didn’t just give me condolence cards, he game me a hug and asked how I was doing.  When Mr. Shoemaker (who was on his route) passed away, Patrick was at the memorial service.

We’ve been celebrating his birthday for 3 years now.  When my kids (both September birthdays) mentioned their birthdays to Patrick, he told us his was September 13th.  He thought it was just said in passing, but we ordered 50 signs and decorated his route, and this year we have an additional 50 signs, and it’s still not enough.  Every street on his route has agreed to participate.  And as I went around talking about Patrick, I realized that everyone felt the way we do about him.  That he’s someone special who should be celebrated. We are late this year with his birthday celebration because he was on vacation.  

Cathy Leo is in charge of Vinton Road. Mary Beth Forte is in charge of Academy Road, Sara Burnet is in charge of Woodcliff Drive, Jessica Griffin is in charge of Stafford Drive.   His route also includes Green Village Road, Wilmer Street, parts of Kings Road, Wilson Lane, and Carteret Court. (And Beth takes care of Green Hill Road.)


Beth contacted both the US Post Master General (Megan J. Brennan) and our Madison Mayor (Robert Conley) to extend an invitation to celebrate Patrick's birthday.  While Ms. Brennan could not attend she did reply to Beth's email:

Thank you for recognizing your Letter Carrier's birthday.  I'm happy to know that Patrick is appreciated by his customers.  He clearly is representing the Postal Service well.

Bob Conley was able to stop by the celebration, and took some time to wish Patrick best wishes on his birthday.


If you happen to see Patrick today... make sure to wish him a Happy Birthday!

[video width="1280" height="720" m4v="https://www.amadisonmom.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Happy-Birthday-Patrick.m4v"][/video]

When I heard about Patrick, I loved hearing that he isn't just a mail carrier.  He's very obviously a part of the Madison Community.  When Beth's husband, Andy, called me about sharing this great community story, I couldn't help but think how fortunate we are here in Madison; how lucky the residents are to have a mailman like Patrick (we have Larry... and he sounds every bit as awesome as Patrick!); but also... how amazing Beth and the other residents are for recognizing and going out of their way to acknowledge the kind of job, the kind of person, Patrick is.

Do you know someone special that works in Madison and does an amazing job?


Do you know someone who does something extraordinary to recognize the service provided by someone special in town?

Let us know... we want to share the community love!