Will "Tully" Be The Motherhood Movie Moms Deserve?


There has been a lot of buzz around the new movie "Tully," the story of a mother (Charlize Theron) whose meddling but goodhearted brother gets her a night nanny to help with her newborn when he sees that her now three children are driving her to the brink of exhaustion. Critics and movie-goers alike are calling this film the most honest look at motherhood ever made, and the trailer seems to back that up. You can watch the trailer here.

Motherhood is an interesting subject when it comes to films. Moms are either portrayed as picture perfect role models or hard drinking, miserable shrews. Neither of the two stereotypes are anywhere near the real thing, but there's something about "Tully" that makes me think this might change. The film shows (at least in the trailer) Theron's character Arlo doing her damned best to keep up with her kids, including an infant on minimal sleep and no time for herself, and frankly the scene of a hard-pumped bottle of breastmilk falling over the second Arlo turns her back made me groan in sympathy. It's the little things like that scene that makes me think "Tully" will finally be the movie that moms everywhere deserve.


The idea of a night nanny turns Arlo off entirely, and she has every excuse in the book as to why she doesn't want one, ranging from the belief that the situation will end up like a Lifetime movie in which the nanny tries to kill the whole family to the much more accurate issue of "I'm just not used to asking for help." That resonates more than anything. Moms are always determined and expected to do things all by themselves, and why is that? Whatever happened to it taking a village, etc? It seems through the course of the trailer that the real story of 'Tully" is the journey that Arlo takes to find herself again after motherhood took over her life. And that's a very special and important thing to learn.

"Tully" opens in theaters April 20th.