Whoa Nelly... can we just slow down a tad bit?

The next couple of weeks (actually 2 1/2 weeks to be exact) are so busy for me.  Some stressful things.  Some fun things.  Some things that are just things.

-Finishing up class mom jobs. Specifically the JAMBOREE.  (Please don't ask me to be class mom next year.  I have trouble saying no.  But... I really really really would like to NOT be class mom.  But I'm afraid someone will specifically ask me and then there I will be... class mom.)

-Nick's business trips... possibly 3 of them (remember... in 2.5 weeks).

-Evening out with the Madison Patch Moms Council.

-A night out to see a friend's band play (in Parsippany on Friday.  Wanna go?)

-Dinner out with my sister-in-law, Andrea.

-A few more times to t-ball and soccer.

-A Saturday walk for the Valerie Fund.  (I'm walking with Gwen's Gang and would be thrilled if you wanted to sponsor us!)

-My new "gig" chatting about The Talk on CBS.  Specifically.... I watch The Talk on CBS at 2pm on Thursday and invite you all to come chat with me.  It's fun (and this Thursday Betty White is a guest).

-Getting invitations out for 3 different birthday parties.  The invitations are in all different stages of invite.  (some are waiting for RSVP, some are waiting to be mailed, some don't actually exist yet.)

-Zoe's dance recital.


-Finish up the 2.5 weeks by attending my 20th High School Reunion.  Let me tell you... after finishing up the next 2 weeks... someone will be enjoying the bar at the reunion. (Sally... it's REALLY good we're booking a room and enjoying an evening out without kids!)

I am sure there are a few other odds and ends in there (like... there must be an end of year picnic for Ana's class... but I don't have it down on the calendar yet).  Let's just all say my calendar is crazy and slightly out of control for a little while.  It's causing me to stress.  Verging on anxiety.  Wine glass in hand.

I was just REALLY looking at my crazy calendar and then made a big mistake.  I started counting days.  Specifically, school days. 

Zoe has 13 school days left as a kindergartner... and Ana has 13 school days left in toddlers.

AND THEN my sister-in-law Erica posts this video on Facebook...

So now... I'm stressed, I'm anxious, I'm overwhelmed.... AND I need a box of tissues.

My babies are going to be in 1st grade and Preschool.

It's going too fast.  TOO FAST I SAY!