Who needs camp?

Some families like to put their kids in various camps for the summer. We’ve tried that, but this year, I thought we might just stay-camp right at home. Here’s a sample day:


Make your own breakfast bar

Mom thoughtfully leaves out several boxes of cereal bowls and spoons. If you can reach the top shelf of the fridge and grab the milk, you are in business! Have one cereal. Or two. Or three!!! Three cereals in the same bowl! What’s next? Cats and dogs living together in harmony?!? Also, if you let mom sleep in, she may look the other way if a few cookies find their way into the bowl.


Whose shirt is this anyway? This is an exciting prize-driven game in which several shirts are presented to campers and each person identifies who a particular shirt belongs to. If there is group agreement with that identification, the player wins that shirt! Disputed ownership will result in a penalty, but mom may allow a quick tussle or exchange of insults.




Stuffed animal arranging

At this time, campers are encouraged to group stuffed animals and arrange them artfully on a blank canvas – sometimes a bed that has been made by the camper for this purposed or desk that has been organized. Creativity encouraged!




Field Trip Lunch

Campers will be driven to the lunch destination that is located closest to the dry cleaner, bank or Starbucks.


DIY Time

After several lighthearted attempts to “get help” with clearly kid-led tasks, Mommy will ritualistically respond “In a Minute” approximately 17 times as she “works” on the computer. That is when the magic happens! Doll’s hair curled with a Magic Marker! Simple laundry bins transformed into race cars with tape and some wheels mom got you that one time in Home Depot.


The Price is Right

In this exciting game-show style activity, campers will be taken on a field trip! To the grocery store. Mini-games like “Where do they keep the tofu?” and “The snack wars” lead up to the grand finale challenge, “Who can sneak the most candy into the cart before mom notices?” Mom may also let two lucky campers role play as checker and bagger.

That’s a full camp day right there. But campers do not have to line up or board a bus, because they are already home! Summer fun awaits!

This post originally appeared at The Ill-Prepared Housewife.