Who knew 5 year olds liked bowling?

Although it seems like forever ago... not quite a month ago Zoe turned 5.  She just about begged for a bowling party.  I tried to convince her to do something else (I don't know why) but she stuck to her guns and the girl had a bowling party.  And do you know what?  4 and 5 year olds LOVE to bowl.  I think every single one of those dozen kids had a blast.  I don't know that any of them paid attention to score.  I don't think anyone knew who "won".  No one cared.  Every single one seemed to have a blast.

One thing is for sure... 5 year olds have AWESOME form.

5 year olds enjoy doing a little dance while their balls makes it's way down the lane.

5 year olds can be VERY serious about their game.

And, 5 year olds have AWESOME bowling attire.

And just because I think it's funny...  Zoe could very well end up being an amazing trumpet player just like Dizzy Gillespie.  I mean... check out those cheeks!

At the end of the day... bowling was a success.  I had one smiley girl to prove it!

(I have so many other great photos... but I just don't want to share the pics of other people's kids.  Sorry.)