When You Give a Kindergartner a DSLR...

Hi!  It's me... Zoe!  I'm actually getting to blog again.  I don't know if you remember... but I did a blog post a LONG LONG LONG time ago.  Like, half my lifetime ago.  Mommy ended up finding out about it (who knew she would read her own blog???) and hasn't ever let me blog again.  I guess it's never a good thing to tell Mommy's secrets. Anyway, I asked Mommy if I could use her big fancy camera to take some pictures.  I decided I wanted to show you the pictures I took... and since I asked permission... Mommy said I could do a blog post.  She gets to read it before I hit publish though.  You'd think I'm not trustworthy or something.  Doesn't she know that 5 year olds are all about following rules and directions???

Anyway... Mommy let me carry her DSLR all over the house.  She didn't even watch me.  She told me to be very careful.  She told me I needed to quietly concentrate.  She said something about giving her a few minutes of peace... whatever that  means.  All I know is that I got to use the fancy camera.

Here are all of the important things in our house right now.

This is the real pumpkin I picked out all by myself.  Mommy thought I was crazy climbing all over a billion pumpkins just to get this one.  But it was the very best one in the whole pumpkin place.

This is our fake pumpkin.  Mommy says it's "ceramic" whatever that means.

This is our friendly ghost.  We also have another ghost in our house.  Her name is Ailey.  Mommy thought she was my "imaginary friend".  I told her she's not "imaginary" she's a ghost.  It's totally different.

This is the only scary decoration in our house.  It's not really scary though.  It's plastic.

There are the rest of our pumpkins outside.  My pumpkin got to come inside though... because the squirrels are treating the outside pumpkins as if they are a buffet.  So, at least my pumpkin is safe.  That's all that matters anyway.  (Oh, and I took the picture through the glass door because I'm not allowed to go outside by myself.)

Those are 2 big spiders and a jar over the fireplace.  They're not real spiders.  Mommy doesn't like real spiders AT ALL.  But for some reason these HUGE spiders are allowed to stay in the house.  Oh... and that jar used to have candy corn in it but someone ate it.

This is a goody bag that Aunt Prudy gave me.  She gave one to Ana too.  I'm hoping that if I hang them by the fireplace maybe they'll get filled with goodies on Halloween.  They're hanging on the same hooks as our stockings hang from for Christmas.  It should totally work.

This is our scarecrow.  It has a switch that makes it glow and change colors.  I'm not really sure why a scarecrow should glow and change colors... but it does.  Mommy says it's "fiber optic".  I don't know what difference that makes.

This is our "centerpiece".  Mommy tries to keep the pumpkins and gourds and corn in the middle of the table but Ana and I like to move them around the table... and sometimes around the house.

This is another spider.  It's big and fuzzy.  Again... Mommy usually hates spiders.  HATES SPIDERS. This one she seems happy to let hang around the dining room.

There is a bat tied to our tv room fan.  I tried to get a good picture of it... but the fan was spinning a little so it wouldn't stay still.  (If you turn the fan on fast the bat actually flies FOR REAL!!!  Don't tell Mommy that though.)

Here is another bat in the kitchen.  I made this one!  For some reason bats like to hang around fans in our house.

There's a witches hat.  I don't know how it keeps ending up on that lamp.

Those are a couple of skeletons up there on that shelf.  One is a man and one is a dog.  You can put candles behind their heads and then their eyes GLOW.  It's really cool.  I told Mommy she should light them so I could take a glowing picture... but she seems to think that won't work in the day time with the sun shining.

On the other side of the shelf we have two scarecrows.   One is a girl and one is a boy.  They're stuck on sticks like big puppets or lollipops.

This is another goody bag.  We have a lot of goody bags around here.  None of them have actual goodies in them though.  Somebody should fix that.

And finally, here is a picture of me and my cheese smile.  I took it myself.  With Mommy's big fancy DSLR camera.  Even she hasn't figured out how to do this.  For some reason it made her a little nervous when she saw this picture.  Something about the image of me holding the camera out in front of me and being able to aim and push the button all at the same time while not dropping the camera.  Like I ever drop anything.

So there are all of the pictures I took with Mommy's camera.  I think I did a pretty good job.  Mommy said she wasn't even going to edit any of them.  She just let me post them SOOC (that means Straight Out Of Camera).  I guess that means I'm pretty talented.  I think maybe it means I should get my own REAL camera (no more Fisher Price toddler camera for me!).

Oh, and I think it also means Mommy should totally let me blog more often.