What's In Your DVR?

My DVR is full right now (mostly with shows that Nick won't watch with me).  I could watch a couple shows a night and I still don't always catch up.  Then, when I do catch up... there will be 4 or 5 shows recorded in one night and then I'm behind again. I think it's Thursday... or maybe it's Tuesday.  I have no idea.  I can't really even say I know when the shows are on... or what channel they're on.  I never watch anything "live" anymore.

So... what am I watching?  Er... I mean... recording?
I'm going to spill it.  The guilty pleasures that are keeping my DVR busy.
(I'll even look up the days for you!)

-Desperate Housewives (I was going to stop watching until I found out it was the last season.)
-Once Upon a Time (I'm loving how the fairy tale characters all know each other in that part of the show... like how Snow White's evil stepmother hangs out with Maleficent and they exchange spells.  OF COURSE she would have gotten the sleeping spell to put in the apple from the Sleeping Beauty's bad fairy godmother!)


90210 (I was curious when it came back... now I just can't look away.)
Raising Hope (Nick refuses to watch this with me.  REFUSES.  Too trashy?)
Body of Proof  (I've loved Dana Delany since China Beach.)

Criminal Minds (I just started watching this season after catching a few reruns.  I don't know why I never watched before.)
CSI (I must say "Really?  Ted Danson?  Really? a dozen times each episode.)
American Horror Story (Horrible show... I hate to admit how much I enjoy being creeped out.)

Big Bang Theory (Oh the nerdiness... the hysterical nerdiness.  We relate to way too much of this show.)
The Vampire Diaries
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
The Mentalist

Grimm (I shouldn't be surprised by how much I'm enjoying the merging of crime drama and fairy tales.  This is the one show I think Nick should be adding to his tv viewing with me.)

And then throw in General Hospital (although I fast forward through a lot of that because certain stories bore me... but I still can't stop watching.  I watched pretty steadily since I was 5 and spent afternoon with my Great-Grandmother.)

Hmmm.... that's more than I thought.  Kind of scary to look at all in one list.  And it's Tuesday AND Thursday where the DVR is overloaded.  I think I need help.  Is there a help group for people and their TV addictions?

What are your favorite shows?  Do you dare share?