What was I thinking?

You may have noticed my little button over there on the right. The one that says I'm a member of NaBloPoMo. See it?

Right there is proof that I have lost my mind. For those of you that know what NaBloPoMo is... you have an understanding of the insanity I'm attempting. Maybe you've decided to join along. Or, maybe if you haven't joined yet you should click on over there and sign up. (After you join make sure you click on my button and add me to your friend list.)

For those of you who have no idea what I'm babbling on about...who are wondering what in the world a silly thing like NaBloPoMo is... it stands for National Blog Posting Month. It means that for the entire month of November I (along with thousands of other bloggers) am going to post every single day for the whole month. 1 post a day (at least).

NaBloPoMo has an entire site set up for members. You can create your own page. You can make a friend list. There are groups to join (I joined Mommy Bloggers and Jersey Bloggers). You can upload pictures and videos. They have an enormous blogroll of all participants. There is also a "randomizer" which brings up a participants blog... and by clicking next you are randomly taken through blogs on the blogroll. A great way to find new blogs to read (because I don't have enough to read already!) And... there are prizes! Yep... prizes. Participants have offered up goodies, and bloggers who succeed at getting up a post a day are eligible for the prize drawings.

As November 1st starts to sneak up behind Halloween I find myself truly wondering what I was thinking. What will I write? When will I find the time? Can I possibly come up with 30 posts in 30 days?

Well... we'll see. I have every intention of making a huge effort. I am hoping Zoe will have an extremely exciting month full of entertaining events. Make sure to check in and see how I'm doing. Wish me luck!!!

(And if you're doing NaBloPoMo... Good luck to you!!!)