What is "walking pneumonia" anyway?

... not that it IS "walking pneumonia"... although it could be.  Maybe.  Or not.

It started like any other Monday.

Nick got up and got ready for work.  Zoe climbed into bed with me.  Nick kissed us both goodbye (7:00ish).

Zoe and I got out of bed.  Zoe dressed and had breakfast.  I had some coffee.  We watched a little PBS Kids (mostly Martha Speaks) and then Zoe got on the bus (8:05ish).

I got Ana out of bed and dressed.  We had breakfast.  I had some coffee.  We watched a little PBS Kids (mostly Curious George). I dropped Ana off at school (9:10ish).

My Monday morning is "free".  I came home.  I folded the laundry in the dryer.  I unloaded the dishwasher.  I read a couple chapters of a book (the most recent House of Night book).  I jumped online.  I looked at Facebook.  I looked at Twitter.  I read a couple blogs.  I opened my e-mail.

I read an e-mail from the school nurse (sent at 10:18).

Please be aware that several children in the first grade have, or have had, an upper bronchial cough that presumably is caused by a virus.  The cough is croupy and may last up to two weeks.

etc. etc. etc.

We have had several children develop pneumonia as a result of this illness.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at...

The e-mail sounded like Zoe (and me actually).  We've both been sick since Halloween weekend (I was MISERABLE during the storm and power outage).  Zoe had a slight fever the Sunday before Halloween (Sunday with no power) but I gave her some Tylenol and the fever never came back.

But the cough just lingers and lingers and lingers.  I even posted this on Facebook last Thursday...

So... I called the nurse.

I left a message on her voice mail (11:00ish).  Mostly I wondered if she thought I should get Zoe checked out... even though she's been a week with no symptoms other than a cough.

She called back (11:12) and said it was funny that I called because the reason she didn't answer was because Zoe was actually in her office.  She'd been coughing badly.  She gave her a drink of water... so she couldn't get an accurate temperature read.  She didn't feel warm though.  Just that cough.  So she listed to her breath and said it sounded like their might be a slight "crackle".  She thought I should get her checked at the doctor.  Did she want me to keep her in the office to pick her up?

I don't know if she would have called me if I didn't call her.  Who knows?  But I called, and Zoe was in the nurses office coughing.  So I said I'd come right away.

I called the doctor.  They had one appointment available (12:15) so I took it.

I picked Zoe up (11:25).

We drove through Burger King.

We picked Ana up from school early (11:45).

We ate lunch in the pediatrician parking lot.

We saw the nurse.  We saw the doctor.

Zoe didn't have a fever.  She was actually full of energy... totally her normal self.  Just that cough.  So the doctor listened to her chest.

The doctor couldn't quite hear what she was listening for in the lower lungs because her upper respiratory area was so rumbley so she had Zoe do a nebulizer treatment (which Zoe has never done).

The treatment didn't really help.  The doctor still couldn't quite hear.  She said that she thought there was some "crackling"... which is what the school nurse said.  She didn't want to prescribe antibiotics if Zoe didn't have pneumonia.  She didn't want to assume she didn't have pneumonia though.  So, she sent us for a chest x-ray.

On top of this appointment... my friend Ana was also having some potty issues.  Bluntly... she needed to poop but it just wasn't happening.  And it wasn't happening while accompanied by whining, crying, and a little bit of almost screaming.  It is just one of those issues that Ana has on occasion.  We were to the doctor's bathroom 3 times with no "luck".  There was not going to make a trip to the children's hospital any more enjoyable.  Thank God that Aunt Andrea was home and able to take Ana at the moment's notice we gave her.  (Thank you Andrea.  Thank you thank you thank you.)

I dropped Ana to Andrea at 1:00ish and drove to the hospital.

We drove behind the hospital on Franklin Street for the first time since July when Aunt Prudy died.  We parked in her driveway (because the house is still for sale).  This may have been the hardest part of my day.  I think I'll leave it at that.

Zoe had her chest x-ray done.  Zoe is an x-ray professional.  (Because of her hip dysplasia at birth I lost track of how much time we spent in the children's hospital radiology center.  I couldn't tell you how many hip ultrasounds and x-rays Zoe has had.)

We left the hospital and picked Ana up at 2:00ish.

We came home and did normal home stuff.  We had a snack.  Watched a little Strawberry Shortcake.  Ana took her nap.  Zoe lounged on the couch.

The doctor called with the results of Zoe's chest x-ray (5:08).  Actually, I guess they were really non-results.  It doesn't look like Zoe has pneumonia.  She does have something with a VERY long name which mostly means inflammation of the area around her lungs and heart.  It sounds like whatever normally goes along with upper respiratory infections.  BUT... it's something.

It's something that could develop into pneumonia.  Or it won't.  It could be a viral infection.  Or not.  There is a rumble.  There is a crackle.  There is a cough.  A cough a cough a cough.

The doctor wants to wait a bit and see Zoe again so she can listen and see if the sounds are better or worse.

So... Zoe is home tomorrow.  (She came home early today, is home tomorrow, maybe home Weds?, and school is closed Thurs. and Fri.  What a week!)  I have to call the doctor's office tomorrow and hopefully we'll get an early appointment Wednesday to get her chest listened to again.

HOPEFULLY her lungs will sound clear (or at least clearer).  HOPEFULLY we won't be sent back to have another chest x-ray.  HOPEFULLY it won't develop into full blown pneumonia... or walking pneumonia (which was what the doctor kept saying).

And now... I'm going to Google "walking pneumonia".  What the heck is "walking pneumonia" compared to regular pneumonia anyway???

I swear it feels like my typical day just got swept away.  I don't know how the hours can go so quickly... but the day can be so long.  Does that make ANY sense?

(I suppose it's kinda like how this post went on and on... ahem, sorry.)