We've survived another Halloween

I think we're all rolling between sugar highs and crashes.  Other than that... Halloween was pretty awesome this year.  We had great October weather (no hurricanes or ice storms to be seen)... and you really can't beat having Halloween on a Friday or Saturday. This year we had a Pretty Pink Kitty (Ana) and Robin (Zoe).  Zoe and Ana started out with their school parade in the afternoon... followed by class parties, and a great school assembly.  (There was talk today about how awesome the laser show was.)


After getting home they relaxed a little bit while they waiting for dinner (all while fully in costume).  Trick-or-treating started around 5:30.


Zoe was SO THRILLED that she and her cousin Alex were allowed to walk around our neighborhood alone together.  (It was only an hour... but I don't know that Zoe ever felt so independent.)  Ana went around the neighborhood with her cousin Nina and her dad.  (I think they were just as happy that Zoe & Alex went off away from them!  lol)


They're all growing way too quickly... but you're never too old for Halloween!

NaBloPoMo November 2014