We're back!

Just a quick post to let you all know we made in back from Florida to NJ safe and sound. Our flight back was actually yesterday. We arrived home just in time for Zoe to snooze in the car for 20 minutes rather than take a much needed normal nap at home. Oh well. Now we're home and we'll work on getting back to our normal routine.

I now have all of the normal post-vacation catch up to do. I have loads of pictures and stories to share... and I'll get to it all ASAP. While I was in Florida I did get a minute here or there to jot down some reminder notes/post titles to remind myself what I wanted to share each day. So the "new posts" are all just in my post list waiting to be written.

Of course... today Zoe has decided her nap should be a short one. She's upstairs right now yelling happily "Mommy! All done! Mommy! Where are you?" So... writing (and reading) will have to wait just a little longer.