Weight for Me Monday - week 9

Quicky post...

I fit exercise into my week 5 days out of 7. 

1x was on the bike at the Y. 

2x was walking on the treadmill. 

2x was Couch to 5K.  I did week 3 day 3... and week 4 day 1.  Running 3 minutes at a time was hard.  Upping it to 5 minutes at a time left me wondering if I'll be able to finish week 4.  I had to step off a couple of times in the middle of the 5 minutes runs to take a breath.  I did it though... and I'm planning on tackling week 4 day 2 today.

Weigh in this morning... 177 lbs.  No loss no gain.  Try again. 

(I REALLY need to work on drinking more water!!!)