Weight for Me Monday - week 7

I had an extremely good exercise week. 

1.  "Regular" treadmill walking - 4 days... 30 min. 3x and 52 min. 1 x (and yes... those 2 minutes TOTALLY count).

2.  Couch to 5K - It scares me to death that I started attempting to use this program.  I'm using a Couch to 5K app on my iPhone.  There are a few different apps... they all seemed about the same but with different looks.  I did Week 1 day 1 and 2 this week.  Today I do day 3.  We'll see if I'm ever fit enough to move on to Week 2.  Anyone else use Couch to 5K to get in shape?

3.  I actually walked outside 1x.  I don't tend to walk (or go) outside too much right now.  Pollen sucks.  But, Saturday wasn't too dry.  It also wasn't too hot.  So Ana and I took a stroll.  (Side note... after allowing Ana to chose which way to turn at each corner I have come to realize she really likes to turn right.)  And, because I am obsessed with iPhone apps I found this Walk Watch (the lite version though... because I'm all about trying it out for free first).  It's pretty cool because it "follows' you and maps out where you've walked and how far (I think using google maps).  It does some charting and caluculations... but I mostly wanted the timer and distance.  Perfect free app.

So I actually, for the first time, got in a workout 7 times this week!!!!  I'm quite impressed with myself.

I'm not so impressed with the weigh in this morning though.  178.5 lbs.  A 1/2 pound loss.  All that working and I had hoped for at least 1 pound.  But... any loss is better than a gain.

You'll have to check in next Monday and see if I kept up with the C25K.  We'll see how that goes.  (Just don't expect me to be running with anyone anytime soon.)