Weight for Me Monday - week 6

I did pretty well getting the exercise in this week. 

At home - I made it on the treadmill 4 times.  3x for 30 minutes... and 1x for 53 minutes. 
That 53 minutes was thanks to my sudden brilliance at putting my laptop up on the treadmill dashboard.  I watch an episode of Vampire Diaries streaming on cwtv.com.  The next thing I knew I had 53 minutes and 2.86 miles clocked.

At the Y - I got in 35 minutes on the bike while Zoe was in dance class.  5.35 miles. 

The scale is a killer.  On Friday afternoon I was excited to read 175 lbs (a whole 4 lbs down).  But... after no treadmill on Saturday or Sunday... and a Mother's Day involving Dunkin Donuts bacon egg and cheese on a bagel breakfast and a bbq dinner involving a big cheeseburger and an oreo cream pie... the scale kind of laughed at me by giving me the same 179 lbs as last Monday. 

I sabotage myself every time.