Weight for Me Monday - week 4

This was an interesting week for weight and exercising. The week after vacation. The week including Easter. Kind of a hard week for trying to lose weight I think. You're making an effort after relaxing after vacation. (Or if you're a mom you're also doing a little relaxing after "relaxing" on "vacation".) There is also a lot of juggling while getting back into the swing of your normal schedule again. There's also a little bit of temptation while the Easter Bunny is preparing those Easter baskets.

All of that said... I had a great weight week I think. I was able to get on the treadmill 4 days in the last week and I 45 minutes at the Y (treadmill and bike). That 45 minutes would have been an hour... but Zoe's dance class was given their recital outfits and had to try them on to assure proper fit (ADORABLE!!!). So 45 minutes instead of an hour.

After the delicious Easter feast at my in-laws house (and more jelly beans than I can count) I was a little nervous to step on that scale this morning. It ended up not being bad though. I was quite surprised to see the reading of 179 lbs.

So, post-vacation + Easter week = down 1 pound.  Not bad at all.

Did the Easter Bunny sabotage your weight this week?