Weight for Me Monday - week 2 & 3

Week 2-
Yes... I know I missed week 2.  If you're connected to me on Facebook or Twitter you might know that I was on vacation at my parents house in Florida.  I did plan on posting from Florida.  While they DO have a scale I just couldn't post (mostly because their scale was mean to me... and I couldn't accept it as correct).

During my 2nd week (before leaving for Florida) I walked on the treadmill (30 min) 3 times.  I was in the car driving to FL for 2 days (because we lost our minds... or because we couldn't stand to spend $600 per ticket for 5 people.  You decide).  So... not as much activity as I would have liked, but I STILL don't believe it would have upped my weight by 3.5 pounds.  So, I'm not quite believing that I would have weighed in at 183 lbs on our home scale last Monday (4/11).  But... it is what it is.

Week 3 -

While in Florida we took a few walks.  Actually, 3 out of 7 days I walked (30 minutes each time) with Nick around my parents' development.  I don't know how people in Florida walk or jog or run outside.  It was not pleasant.  Even with the nice flat (NO HILLS) terrain it was not fun.  And it's only April.  I can't imagine trying to walk outside beyond the Spring months.  (Florida people... do you take walks outside?)

My other bit of "exercise" in Florida involved 12 hours at the Magic Kingdom.  There should be some kind of training program that involves walking the park and standing in lines with a 2 year old, a 3 year old, a 5 year old and an 8 year old.  It was definitely energy consuming.

We drove home this weekend (Friday and Saturday) and I was able to get in 1 treadmill walk on Sunday.  So in total... 4 - 30 minute walks and a crazy 12 hours in Disney (which I'm totally counting as exercise).

Monday morning weigh in (after a week long vacation) - 180 lbs.  That seems more like it.  I either gained a bit and am back to my "normal" (stuck at) 180... or I lost 3 pounds from last Monday on my Mom's scale.  Either way.  Right back at 180 lbs.  Starting anew.

So... how about you?  Wanna weigh in with me?