Weight for Me Monday - week 13

First of all..... HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!  I hope fireworks are in your future (we're hoping to get out to see some tonight... but we'll see how well the girls do at staying up tonight after Zoe and cousin Avery were up until MIDNIGHT last night silly chatting.)


I made a HUGE effort at adding water to my day.  A lot of people who have been commenting and e-mailing me tips have asked the water question.  "Are you drinking your water?"  "Make sure you drink water!"  I remember when I went to Weight Watchers (ages ago) whenever I gained the first question was "Did you get in your 6-8 cups of water each day?" 

I am horrible at drinking water.  I can drink gallons of coffee, iced coffee, iced tea, and wine.  Water?  I can go all day with just drinking the little cup of water after brushing my teeth morning and night.  I'm just not a water drinker.

So this week?  HUGE effort.  Each morning I filled up a 64 oz. leftover Juicy Juice jug.  Each day I had 1 cup of coffee and then told myself "nothing else to drink until that water is gone."  7 days later... after almost floating away... I succeeded in getting 8 cups of water in me every day.  Phew.

Exercise?  Not so good.  Two 30 minute walks on the treadmill.  Oh... and uncountable walks back and forth across the 2.5 foot section of the community pool following Ana around while she did "big arms" and said "LOOK MOMMY!  I SWIMMING!  FOLLOW ME FOLLOW ME!"

Food?  Um... Zoe had a Cookie Party on Thursday, and ice cream cake Thursday night for her 6th Birthday.  Then Saturday we had the family BBQ for Zoe's 6th /Ana's 3rd/4th of July.  BBQ.  Celebrating birth and independence.  Don't ask what I ate.

So.... awesome water drinking, meh exercising, let's forget diet.... I'm down to 176.5 lbs this Monday.  That's a 2 pounds loss this week.  AND  I broke that 177 lb. barrier. 

I'm hoping that if I can get water, exercise, and diet to come together perhaps we'll get some number changes.