Weight for Me Monday - week 10

I can't believe I've done this for 10 Mondays.  I wish I could say I've made huge progress in 10 weeks.  Oh well... slow and steady is better in the long run right?  (Long run.... ha)

I didn't do too well on the exercise front this week.  Not horrible... but not great either.  I don't know if it was the heat wave... or just a lack of desire... or maybe a lack of desire caused by the heat wave?  Or a lack of energy while Nick was away on business in Spain all week.  Or maybe a lack of time because of end of school year stuff.  It may have also been the idea of starting Couch to 5K week 5 that slowed my momentum... eek!

Whatever it was... excuses are lame.  I just didn't get in as much exercise as I have lately (but still... much more than I used to!)

I did get in my C25K week 4 days 2 and 3 earlier in the week.  And, on Saturday we participated in The Valerie Fund Walk and 5K.  (I walked... I am in NO WAY ready to even consider a 5K).

On Sunday I pushed myself and got in C25K week 5 day 1.  (Alternating 5 minute jogs and 3 minute walks to take up the 1/2 hour.)  Amazingly... I found week 5 seemed almost easier than week 4 for me.  Those repeating 5 minute jogs made me anxious... but I did them.  I actually did a straight jog for 2 of the 5 minute spots, and just had to step off a couple times during the 3rd 5 minute jog.  I have to say I'm quite impressed with myself.

So, I did get in 4 days with exercise.  I got in more than I thought I did... but not the daily activity I've been aiming for.

And my Monday morning weigh in?  178.5 lbs

I gained 1.5 lbs since last Monday.  That kinda sucks.  Sigh.

So... I'm feeling pretty good about my physical activity and the fact that it's getting easier jog, but I'm feeling rather dismayed by my weight loss (gain, ugh).