Weight for Me Monday - It's all the same...

So I stepped on the scale this morning and was greeted by the same number I was last week.  179.5 lbs.  No weight loss (or gain). I'm not disappointed in that number at all.  The past week was filled with volunteer luncheons, preschool graduation lunches, parent social wine tastings (with AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING finger foods), the preschool carnival event (with bake sale), and a BBQ in our back yard (with leftovers).

me, Ms. Marie, Ms Sara, & Amy

me, Ms. Marie, Ms Sara, & Amy

There was less water and more wine, and Sangria is way too delicious.

There was a lot of running around though.  I think the activity saved me from gaining.  So it's all good.  Start again.

I think next week I might change Weight for Me Monday to Wednesday.  Give myself a little recoup time after weekend summer activities before weighing in.  And I might do something a little different on Monday (if I can get myself motivated!!!)