Weight for Me Monday - A bump in the road


For the past week I've made a conscious effort to eat better (more fruits and veggies... less "kid food") and to drink water water water.  It really wasn't too difficult during the week.  I stocked up on snacking veggies, like sugar snap peas and baby carrots.  I kept a pitcher of water on the kitchen counter so I would pour myself a glass  whenever I went for a drink... and I kept a cup with a lid and straw with me through the day.

I also made a point of adding fruits to my breakfast.  I always add berries, or apple slices, or something to Zoe & Ana's breakfast plates.  I never include myself.  With very little effort I made my normal bagel and coffee breakfast into a 1/2 bagel and bowl of fruit combo... or yogurt with berries thrown in.


The biggest thing for me has been the support given by the other participants in the #40DaysToFit group.  It's like having my own personal cheerleading squad.  I love the Facebook notifications that randomly show up in my e-mail.  When someone else shares their snack choice or planned meal it serves as a great reminder of what I'm trying to do.  And Christie is the best cheerleader of them all... always quick with an "excellent!" or a great quick suggestion on how to make what I'm doing even better.

As for my "bump in the road"...  my husband's family is Russian Orthodox, and Sunday was Easter (The Orthodox church follows the "old calendar". Don't ask me to explain).  Great Lent involves a 40 day fast... no meat, no dairy, no eggs.  My mother-in-law is an amazing cook... and she makes this meal on Easter that words like delicious, savory, buttery, and filling don't even begin to describe.  So, Easter lunch/dinner pretty much negated all the good I did the rest of the week.  (It was totally worth every single calorie.)  I don't even want to talk about Easter candy.


I can tell you that on Saturday morning I was down to 182 lbs (a 3 pound loss).  That first week shock to your body when you suddenly change your food and water intake is really amazing.  No additional physical effort.  Just healthy foods and water.  Unfortunately, this morning when I hopped on the scale it flashed 184.5 lbs at me.  Sigh.  The Easter Bunny is certainly no friend to the scale.

So  184.5 lbs.  A 0.5 lb loss.  (At least it was still an overall loss.)

Now... the holiday is over.  I'm jumping back on the #40DaysToFit wagon.  Bring on the green smoothies (maybe?) and stock back up on snap peas!

Are you making an effort with weight loss and diet changes?  What suggestions do you have?