Weight for Me Monday - 15

I haven't posted my "progress" in a couple of weeks.

The first Monday (7/I8)  I missed because we were down the shore.  I ate my weight in seafood (because that's what you must do when you go down the shore).  We walked to and from breakfast each morning.  We climbed to the top of Barnegat Lighthouse.  I came home and weighed in at 177.5 lbs.  (.5 gain)

Last Monday (7/25) I missed because I just couldn't do it.  My Aunt Prudy passed away on Friday 7/22... and I don't even remember what I was doing on Monday... except it was my mom's birthday and we had ice cream sundaes.  I wrote down my weight was 175.5 lbs. (2 lb loss)

And then there's today.  I haven't been on the treadmill since the 12th (before going to the shore).  The only exercising has been walking at the shore and chasing the kids around.  I think I've been eating.  I've been really thirsty so my water jug has been emptied almost every day.  I weighed in at 173 lbs this morning.  I was shocked to see that number.  It's not a huge change from the 180 I started at... but it's been a long time since I've been closer to 170 than 180.

Unfortunately... it's not a very happy loss.  But, there it is.  173 lbs. (2.5 lb loss)

I also went for a physical with a new doctor.  She is the first doctor that really listened to my concerns about my difficulty losing weight, and my always feeling tired, and my random forgetfulness, and... some other issues.  She ordered bloodwork to test my thyroid and hormone levels and iron... etc.  If nothing comes of it... I'm just happy to have found a doctor who truly listens and tries to help.