Dear Zoe,

Mommy and Daddy decided that it was time that we both got bikes. Today we picked them up from the bike store. You were so excited you couldn't even wait for Daddy to get Mommy's bike home. While we waited for him you sat in your brand new bike seat and I made all the seat belts the right length and hooked you all in. You sat there and waited for quite a while. You've never ridden on the back of a bike... but boy, did you know what that seat was for.

Daddy finally made it back and we hooked your seat onto my bike. You were ready to go... and were thrilled to have your helmet on. I have to say I wasn't quite as excited. I was a little nervous. I hadn't ridden a bike in quite a while... so I was really hoping I wouldn't fall or crash with you on the back.

Guess I was worried for no good reason. We rode around the neighborhood... and Mommy didn't crash once!

The whole time we were riding around you were yelling "wee! wee!". When you weren't expressing your glee... you were waving at people and yelling "HI!"

Those bikes were a little expensive... but they were worth every penny.

Can't wait to ride again!

Love, Mommy