Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year to all of my family and friends!!!! May 2013 be filled with more happy than you can handle! It's hard to believe that 2012 is just a memory.  I guess as you get older time does seem to go faster.  The past year really did fly by in a blur... just the important moments stand out.  Mostly moments with family and friends.  Mostly happy moments.

Our last night of 2012 was enjoyed with a small group of friends (8 adults, 8 kids).  We had dinner out at Osteria Morini.  The food was delicious, the chatting was continuous, the wine glasses were full, the children (who we sat all together at one end of our LONG table) were well behaved (for being 8 kids age 2-7 in a fancyish restaurant), and the young waiter dealt pretty well with our crazy bunch.

After dinner we lost one of our families to a 4 year old who fell asleep at the dinner table... but the remaining 3 families headed back to our house.  6 children playing with kitties, singing on the new karaoke machine, enjoying staying up WAY past bedtime.  6 adults sitting around the dining room table, sipping Prosecco or beer or Sambuca (where in the world did that come from?), chatting the last hours of the year away.  With (reletively) new friends it's fun what you can learn about each other with the drinks flowing and the children occupied.  (I won't share any of the secrets though!)

After an unfortunate incident involving orange juice on top of excitement (resulting in throwing up) the gathering broke up just after 10:30 with kids who were still rarin' to go... but also ready for bed.  With a couple of bottles of bubbly left in the fridge we're already planning another evening in.

Once the friends were on their way home we changed into pajamas and got comfy on the couch.  With an hour left of the year we settled in with Sprout instead of Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year.  (Star in his sleephat and Nina in her PJs were more our speed.)  I took exactly 1 picture of celebrating as the year ended...



A couple minutes before midnight we switched channels to watch the ball drop in NYC.  I welcomed in 2013 with Nick & Zoe & Ana... the 3 most important people in my world.  We toasted with some Barefoot Bubbly, watched some fireworks out our TV room window, made a phone call to Grammy & PopPop and headed off to bed.



I'm not one to make resolutions... but I think I have a couple of "easy ones" this year to help give myself a bit more focus.

1.  Have more moments like New Year's Eve.  There really is nothing better than family and friends.  If I can fit in more time to spend moments with family and make our friendships stronger... I'm going to push us to do that.  Time alone is fine... but time with family friends really makes life fuller.

2.  Get back to my camera.  I've realized I really haven't been taking photos like I used to.  On the one hand that's good... I'm clicking less while jumping in and experiencing more.  On the other hand... I miss my camera.  (My laziness with the iPhone is partially to blame.)  I enjoy photography.  I loved taking class with Stacy (Stacy Mae Photography) to learn how to use my manual settings (and would take class again in a minute as a refresher and for practice!).  To give myself a little push back into a hobby I love I've decided to join in with Project Life 365.  They offer a photo prompt a day.  So, I'm going to challenge myself to take at least a photo a day.  It can be DSLR, point&shoot, iPhone, whatever.  It's about capturing life... a photo at a time.

So... those are my resolutions.

How bout you?  Did you make any resolutions this year?  Wanna join me on Project Life 365?