We may Just Dance ourselves to death.

We are currently renting Just Dance Kids.  The first time we played Zoe and I danced for an hour.  I thought I might die from over exertion... or pee my pants laughing.  I think we may need to just keep the game.  Or buy a new copy.  

I've had just as much fun watching the girls dance as I've had actually dancing too.  I've lost count of how many short videos I've taken.  I'll just share this one... for now.

1.  Ana knows how to shake her booty.

2.  Ana's current favorite Wiggle is Jeff.  And The Wiggles belong to Ana.

3.  Zoe can dance and chew gum at the same time.

4.  A tiara works with any outfit.

5.  Way too much crap is on our coffee table to allow for anything that's suppose to be there.  Like coffee.

6.  Zoe is quite good at Just Dance Kids.  She beats me at least 1/2 of the time.

7.  You will not be seeing any video of me playing Just Dance Kids.