We love Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd!!!

or... We love IKEA!!!

Before I begin the actual post... some trivia to explain the post title: IKEA is actually an acronym for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. I found this out while trying to locate a definition for the word IKEA (to see if it was useful at all). If you have any interest in knowing more about IKEA or Ingvar Kamprad (the man behind IKEA) or Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up) or Agunnaryd (his home village) please click over to the wikipedia site. Who knew you could ever find so much information about a store???

Anyway... back to the real post.

We love IKEA. The majority of our house is furnished with items from IKEA. On top of being furniture with a look we like... it wasn't going to break the bank in order to furnish whole rooms.

The place we spend most of our time... the couch in our tv/family room.

Our entire dining room.
All of the furniture in our living room.
This comfy chair in our guest room.
And well... just about everything else in our guest room, too (bed, frames, pictures, shelf).I could keep snapping pictures of random pieces of IKEA furniture from our home... but I think you get the idea. We just really like IKEA.

Unfortunately, after a few years of being married, our whole house was furnished in a way we were pretty happy with. I say unfortunately because we kind of lost our reason to go to IKEA. Once your house is furnished why would you go to a furniture store? (Umm... we actually did still find reasons***)

Well... now we have Zoe. And... on top of having an atmosphere similar to an amusement park, IKEA has cool kids items. We just took Zoe a couple weekends ago and we are just in love with our purchases.

We got her this great little table and chair set for $20.

This train set was $12.And, this tent (that folds up to the size of a large umbrella) was $14 (I think).

Yes... the whole family just loves IKEA!!!

***Before having Zoe... we used to use napkins as an excuse for a run to IKEA. We'd ues our last napkins and say "Oh, we have to go to IKEA!!!" What can I say, we really like IKEA napkins. haha

***And if napkins weren't a good enough reason... there were always meatballs!!! Yummy Swedish meatballs.