We Bought Bikes!

We talk about getting bikes every summer. We talk about how we could just ride around all of the lovely Madison neighborhoods. We mention what great exercise we'd be getting. Starting last summer we talked about how much Zoe would love it.

Then it's 98 degrees and we think "Yeah right, who are we kidding... you're not going to catch us pedaling around in the NJ heat and humidity! We're lazy. It would be a waste." Then I go find a popsicle and sit in front of the air-conditioner.

Well... this year Nick mentioned it while we were down the shore. He saw a bike he really liked... with all of these nice biking features for comfort. And me... I saw a pretty one with a basket and flowers on it.

So we came home and he mentioned bikes again. Then he did all this research (because that's what he does before we buy ANYTHING!). Then he said "Hey, they have the one's we want at Marty's Bike Shop 3 miles away." And I said "Well let's go buy bikes." And he looked at me and I said "Really, let's go, now, before I have time to think us out of it."

We got in the car on Sunday and went to check out the bikes. We "test drove" them in the parking lot (the same lot where I test drove a bike I won at a Fireman's Parade when I was a little girl... talk about a flash back). We then pulled out the credit card and bought 2 fancy schmancy bikes, a bike seat for Zoe, a wicker basket (I NEED somewhere to put stuff, ya know), and a lovely little bell (because I always wanted one). I must say that my bike is not just pretty... it is also from the same line of "comfort bikes" that Nick's is from. So, it's not just a pretty bike... it's actually a really good bike. (I can't have you thinking I'm just all superficial about something.)

We got home and Nick told me he really didn't think we'd actually buy the bikes that day... and I told him I really thought we'd actually bring them home with us and be going out for a spin before bedtime. And, I pointed out that if we didn't buy them right then... we wouldn't have done it at all.

The bikes were ready to be picked up and we went to get them yesterday. It took a little while to get everything set (and Zoe lacked patience... can you imagine?), but we finally had Zoe's seat set for her. We loaded her in and I said a little prayer that I didn't crash and kill us both (I hadn't ridden a bike since around 1994... and that was 1 day on a vacation. I have no idea how long it had been before that.)

I can now happily tell you that my anxiety over crashing was for nothing. We all returned home safely with no crashes (and only a couple near misses... ha ha). Zoe was thrilled and made sure to wave and say "HI!!!" to every man, woman, child, dog and truck we rode past. She also inserted a couple "Weeeeeee"s. OK... a couple HUNDRED "Weeeeeee"s... and 5 or 6 "yeah!!!"s. We stuck close to home and just rode around our neighborhood and the streets around us. Very low traffic area, thankfully. The biggest issue was this trio of girls set up on a corner selling "excellent jewelry for excellent prices!!!" I started to feel like if we rode past them one more time and didn't stop to look at the jewelry (made by 11 year olds) they were going to start throwing it at us. I think they may have felt that Zoe was taunting them... since she waved and yelled "HI!!! HI!!! HI!!!" every single time we rode by.

So, there you go. We bought bikes.

I'm lazy, and chubby, and love my TV. But we bought bikes. And Zoe LOVES them. She may be the one person that can convince me to ride a bike daily. I mean... if her recent series of full fledged temper tantrums over "nothing" can be solved by saying "wanna ride the bike?" I will get on that thing every day. (And, if I lose weight because of it... I'll let Zoe know that because of her it was all because of her.)