Wavery (aka Avery)

Zoe really enjoyed spending time with her cousin Avery (who she renamed "Wavery"). She would get excited any time we mentioned seeing her. She also liked seeing Jim and Erica (aka Eh-Kah for Zoe) but Avery got all of her excitement.

After swimming at the pool they enjoyed a bath together in Grammy's enormous tub.

Zoe was very attentive. She wanted to see everything Avery was doing all the time. She tried her hardest to keep up with whatever Avery was doing.

Avery enjoyed showing us what a big girl she was... I just can't believe she's already 4! How did that happen???

Zoe really enjoyed sitting next to Avery when we went out for pizza at Uncle Jim's restaurant. Whenever she goes there she gets to play with some pizza dough. Avery was very nice... and shared with Zoe. Luckily Zoe's new favorite thing includes things that are "squishy!" and "sticky!" Who would think to play with pizza dough??? But... it sure did keep them entertained!

I love this picture of Avery and Aunt Erica (my sister-in-law).
We miss you Wavery!