Wanna Play?

Zoe has been enjoying her very own version of Hide and Seek for a little while now. She gets the idea that someone should hide... and she gets the idea that someone should seek. Here is where she hasn't quite grasped the complete concept. An example...

Daddy counts

Zoe lays down and hides behind the coffee table/trunk.

Daddy says "Oh no, I can't find her, where is Zoe?"

Zoe jumps up and says "Here I am!!!!"

She laughs, he laughs, I laugh. All is well with the world.

It's not quite "Hide and Seek".

Zoe's other favorite new game is simply called "Flashlights". It started out as almost a game of "I Spy". Like Hide and Seek, Zoe doesn't quite get "I Spy". I think she understands that one person picks something out... and then the another person figures out what it is. It usually goes something like "I spy with my little eye something red!" and then everyone has to find whatever it is. When it's Zoe's turn to "spy" it's not too much of a challenge. An example...

Zoe will say "I Spy a kitty cat!"

Zoe will then point at or run and show you the stuff cat.

Mommy says "Is it a kitty cat?"

Zoe yells "yes, yes yes! Your turn Mommy!"

Not too much guessing involved.

One day a flashlight was introduced to the game. So now Zoe will say "I spy a kitty cat" and then she'll shine the light on it. Daddy is her favorite Flashlights partner. (and Mommy is just sooooo disappointed by that). One evening during "Daddy time" I came downstairs from taking a shower to find every single light out. Zoe was having a great time.

Here is a shot without a flash...

Same "pose" with a flash...

Without a flash...

With a flash...

Again... I'm left wondering. Why do we keep buying toys?