Village Play Cafe: Something to Celebrate

The Village Play Cafe opened last week. The arrival of this play space in neighboring Chatham has been something of a hot topic in our house and we've been anxiously awaiting the grand opening for awhile. So last week, on their second day open, we agreed to meet friends to check out the digs and get the scoop. 

From the outside it's difficult to decipher exactly what awaits. The crowded parking lot was a good sign as was the line to register and pay. While I signed a waiver I was struck by the bright decor and warm vibes.  As it so happens, we stumbled upon a music trial to showcase upcoming offerings so we took full advantage. 

Upon entering the classroom space we were greeted by Tom Sellwood, and according to the Madison mom circuit, he's all the rage. His class did not disappoint. Immediately after the class ended we embarked on a full blown exploration of each piece of equipment that was housed in the small village setting. I watched my three-year-old march through the role of cashier, mommy, veterinarian, and construction worker with natural ease. As my eighteen-month-old staked claim on climbing equipment, I couldn't help but notice the many busy kiddos and very content mamas.

An hour and a half in I knew I needed mom fuel in the form of a latte. A self-professed coffee snob, I was most worried that this would be an area of contention. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness of my skinny vanilla latte, and I'm grateful for the care put into this aspect of the experience. It should be noted that there's a wide variety of snacks and meals for all ages and tastebuds. 

Two and a half hours after our arrival we departed, but it was with the promise of a return. I am a firm believer that inside options are good for a variety of reasons. Whether it's to escape the heat, cold, or chaos at home, this addition is much needed in our area. 

I had a fellow mama note the expense, but I'm a big pusher of experiences for holidays and birthdays, so this place is on the list for grandparents to consider when purchasing our next adventure. And given the fun we had, I think it's worth the price. As for the classes, I love the eight week structure and offerings. I'm sure they'll continue to grow and expand in the months to come. 

Whenever I find a place that feels like it was designed for parents and kids alike, I go all in. Two mamas had a dream to create a space where play engaged and enlightened families while offering them a refuge from the same old scene. For this, and for all the fun that awaits, I thank the Village Play Cafe.