The Venus Diary - book review

The Venus Diary was written by Heath L. Buckmaster. It is book 2 in The Princess Carrina Series for young readers.

I read Box of Hair (the first book) last year.  Box of Hair was a good read.  I enjoyed it and I knew that at some point I would read The Venus Diary.  Then I got my Kindle.  The Venus Diary was the very first e-book I downloaded.  (Maybe because I wrote on Facebook that I got my Kindle and couldn't decide what to read first... and before the day was out Heath let me know that he could tell I hadn't bought any of his Kindle books yet.  lol)  I started reading the story and I just couldn't stop.  It pulled me right in.  I liked the first book... I LOVED this book.

A little background info on how I found this book series (and why the author commented on my Facebook)...

I went to college with Heath and we were in an interesting freshman program together.  (I think stories of that program and the classes and our dorm could be an entire other book.)  Heath and I weren't friends at all... although we had classes together.  My real connection to Heath was through one of my very best college friends and roomies, Vanessa.  V was my bestest friend at one point... and she was very good friends with Heath.  So, Heath and I were acquaintances at best.  Somehow I came across Heath online (Facebook maybe?).  I quickly became a fan of his blog (Homo sarcasmus).  Let's just say that I now wish I had known Heath better in college.  I totally enjoy his writing.  So... I couldn't resist trying his books.