Us or Them? How about me?


January is almost over. The clock is ticking and the new year is officially underway. Did you make a resolution? Did you promise yourself something in 2018?

I am the queen of exaggerated efforts. I go big. I rarely keep it understated and I tend to overextend myself in all things. It drives my sophisticated but simple husband wild. I'm confident that if I asked him what was most maddening about me he'd emphasize my inability to do one thing at a time. In my opinion, life is more fun while you're folding laundry, planning a non-profit event, having coffee, and reading a good book all at once. Oh, and insert some children in there for good measure.

While a nearly three-year-old and almost one-year-old occupy most of my time, I keep testing limits and squeezing something else into the schedule. Why? I like being busy. I've always appreciated and respected that time marches on. I guess you could say I like marching.

If motherhood has reiterated one important lesson to me it's the importance of time within relationships. I get so busy planning things to do that I lose sight of quality time at home. I need to pinch myself next time I'm sprawled out on the floor playing pretend with my girls. That 'them' time is the sweet stuff.

Life can be exhausting business. But I need to make sure I put the phone down or turn off the t.v. to converse with my husband more. That 'us' time is my sanity.

And while I'm making more time for him, let me keep up appraised of my new year's resolution, which is more time for me.

Self-care is an ever-evolving subject. Moms do so much for others, but what are we doing to ensure we're equipped and empowered for ourselves? That 'me' time is necessary.

I've learned 'me' time doesn't have to be grandiose to be gratifying. So if you spot me at Drip, sans children, it's a good thing. If you see me at the library, reading in a corner by myself, that's a moment worth celebrating. It's these small gifts of 'me' time that help me march with a greater purpose and and pride.

So if you're stuck on whether to allocate time to them, us, or me, know there isn't a bad choice. But remember, if you serve yourself well, you'll be that much more inclined to do the same for others.

While we're on the subject of resolving to take better care of ourselves, where's your favorite place to do just that?