Updates - 5 things


For the few people that seem to be checking in on me regularly (thanks so much, by the way!) I thought I would do a couple little updates on some of the things I've written so far.

So... let's see...

1. Zoe has seen her neighbor friends (Emma and Tara) a few more times. She actually went in their house to play while the Dads chatted together. And, while Zoe was playing outside with her PopPop the girls came into the backyard to play with her on the slide and swings. So... yeah! Now... if we could just get some warm sunny weather we'd get around to making more friends.

2. The biggest topic (for me at least) is that Zoe has not jumped/climbed/fallen out of her crib again. She only did it that one time. I'm still nervous when I hear her awake in the crib... but so far no more stunt girl. Well... that's not exactly true. No more crib stunt girl. We did have a case of diaper table/dresser stunt girl. Zoe was sitting on the dresser after the diaper change with her legs dangling. I was right there with her, but the next thing I knew she was doing a face plant on the floor. She cried, I cried, but... no blood or bumps even. We were lucky. Do all toddlers do these things?

3. Unfortunately it looks like strawberries are slowly losing their popularity. Zoe still really likes them... but she'll only eat 3 or 4 at a time instead of 1/2 pound at a time. I'm just wondering what her next food phase will be.

4. After the great day at the playground we have had rather awful weather (like just about everyone else it seems). It's been cold and rainy, and sometimes even snowy. I thought the groundhog didn't see that shadow? Aren't we suppose to be having a great Spring by now? Today it is just 38 degrees here with horrible rain. It's suppose to rain all the way through the weekend too. Yuck!

5. I'm feeling just about 100% better today. Medication can work wonders. Hopefully I won't be sick again any time soon. I'm also hoping Zoe will remain healthy and not catch what I had!

Well, I think those were the major things I felt I should update you on. If you'd like to know anything else just let me know!