Um... what??? Seriously? Aren't I a stranger???

I had an interesting experience yesterday at the community pool.

I took Ana and Zoe to the pool.  We were there pretty much on our own.  The cousins weren't there.  None of Zoe's school friends were there.  We saw a couple of people we knew from a coupld various Y classes.  But otherwise... Ana and Zoe were just enjoying the pool... talking and playing with random kids here and there.  Zoe spent some time in the big pool while Ana and I were stuck over in the "baby pool".

Zoe had to go to the bathroom at one point so all 3 of us took a walk to the locker room.  We came back to the "baby pool" and both girls jumped right back in the water.  I was standing at the side watching... about to step in to sit down... when a woman started walking towards me.  She walked with purpose with a smile on her face.  I smiled back and immediately started scanning my brain asking myself "oh gosh, where do I know her from? where where where?"  I was sure I didn't know her, but she walked right up to me and started talking.

Her - Hi! I'm Kelly!  (shook my hand)

Me - Hi. I'm Colleen (oh phew... she doesn't actually know me)

Her - Nice to meet you.  LOVE your bathing suit!

Me - Oh, thanks.

Her - Good, um... could you watch my daughter for a minute while I go park my car?

Me - Um, oh, ah... ok?

Her- Oh great, thanks!  This is Maya! (pointing to a little girl, maybe 3 or 4 years old, right at my feet)  I'll be right back!!

Me - Um... ok.

And off she went to the parking lot.

Where I couldn't see her.

While I wondered how long I should wait before I assumed she'd just abandoned her daughter at the pool with a stranger.

I quickly introduced Zoe to Maya and just about begged her to play with the girl.  They did pretty much stay together.  I had to keep my main focus on Ana while I worried that Maya would somehow drown while her mom was hopefully going to be quick... and was actually just parking the car.

Kelly did come back.  It seemed like it took a lot longer to park the car than it should have... but she came back.  Why she didn't park and THEN come into the pool like everyone else I just don't know.

I can tell you this... I will have a very very very hard time not running away quickly the next time I see Kelly and Maya at the pool.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that finds this VERY odd.