Trudging right along...



Moving a blog and all of it's parts from one home to another is an awful lot of work.  It kind of feels like I've been trudging through puddles the last couple of days.  Working my way through one puddle to find out that I'm suddenly knee deep in another one.  A messy muddy murky one that my boots are sticking in.  And, if I lift my foot up too soon it's just going to ensure that I leave my boot stuck behind me... possibly to get sucked in where it will be lost forever.

I know... I'm being dramatic.

I'm slowly working my way through.  I'm learning a few little things as I go.  I know that a lot of my previous links are broken (and I'm not sure how to fix that yet).  I know that (right now) I'm never sure what's going to open if I type in or or  I'm hoping that (eventually) no matter what you type in you'll end up in the right place.  The whole process of redirecting all of my "stuff" has me a little overwhelmed.

I've had a few "scares".  I've been trying out different processes... different "plug-ins" to help me work with my mess.  At one point I was stuck in a redirecting loop and couldn't get back to my dashboard.  (That was fun.)  I clicked one thing and the next thing I knew my whole home page just disappeared.  I thought I lost everything in one click!  I had to walk away and go to lunch.  I gave myself a headache and I'm sure my blood pressure was lovely.  I came back and tried again.  My posts have not disappeared.  My home page seems to be where it should be.  I can't say my links in my previous posts are all working.  I'll get there.

But... BUT... all of the posts from all 3 of my blogs are now in one place.  I have 1 home.  1 place to work.  1 place to share.  1 place to worry about updating.

I still have a lot to figure out, but I'm getting there.

The mess will come together.  The puddles will clear up.

(In the mean time... I sure could use some advil and some coffee!!!)