Train - Bulletproof Picasso (music review)

Bulletproof Picasso has a release date of September 16th, but can be pre-ordered now from iTunes or Amazon .  I participated in the Train Bulletproof Picasso album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.

About Train and Bulletproof Picasso:

Train has sold more than ten million albums worldwide, thirty million tracks worldwide, with numerous platinum/gold citations on their mantle, 3 Grammy Awards, 2 Billboard Music Awards and dozens of other honors and nominations.

Their gift for delivering memorable songs that capture the listener’s imagination has seen them achieve unprecedented radio and social media traction, with the eight-time Grammy nominees heralded as a standard bearer of riveting, roots-based pop around the world. Their most recent album, 2012’s California 37 spawned the hit “Drive By,” among other songs, a multi-platinum single that reached the Top Ten in 13 countries, adding to the prolific Train set-list which already includes multiple signature smashes such as their Grammy winning classic “Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me),” the chart-topping “Meet Virginia,” and “Calling All Angels.” The band snagged another Grammy in 2011 for their global smash “Hey Soul Sister,” (the #1 hit and biggest selling single of 2010) from their 2009 multi-platinum album, Save Me, San Francisco.

Tracklisting for Bulletproof Picasso: 1. Cadillac, Cadillac 2. Bulletproof Picasso 3. Angel In Blue Jeans 4. Give It All 5. Wonder What You're Doing For The Rest Of Your Life 6. Son Of A Prison Guard 7. Just A Memory 8. I'm Drinkin' Tonight 9. I Will Remember 10. The Bridge 11. Baby, Happy Birthday 12. Don't Grow Up So Fast

My opinion of Train and Bulletproof Picasso:

I've always liked Train.  Their music is always catchy.  I end up not being able to help signing along after I've heard a song a time or 2.  But, I can totally tell you 2 reason I fell completely fell in love with Train and their music.  One will be when the song "Soul Sister" was so popular.  For whatever reason... Zoe and Ana fell totally in love with that song.  I have vivid memories of them asking to listen to any and every version of "Soul Sister" we could find on YouTube.  I actually think that song was what started Zoe and Ana's YouTube music video obsession.

I think my favorite song on this album (on first listen) has got to be "Wonder What You're Doing For the Rest of Your Life".  It's just got the totally catchy lyrics and beat that I expect from our favorite Train songs.  I imagine we'll be listening to that one a lot, and completely singing along in the car.

But "Don't Grow Up Too Fast"???  Oh my heart.  I think I need a hug.  The sentimental sap in me needs a tissue.  Whenever I listen to that one I'll need to skip back over to "Wonder What You're Doing...".

Here... listen to a little "Cadillac, Cadillac" and tell me what you think (and how long it takes before you're singing along)!

You can see Train on QVC for a LIVE 1 hour performance on Friday September 5th at 1pm ET.

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