Tornado Talk: Thanksgiving Reminders

I slept through the tornado last week. My husband did not, but I was in a post Halloween exhaustive state and unaware of howling wind or heavy rain. When I woke up I knew immediately that no matter the damage, this town would be okay. Why? Because communities like Madison, which are rooted in kindness and compassion, always manage to survive and thrive.

We’re entering a busy season. Aside from storm clean up, we have holidays, school and extra curricular activities, family obligations, and a general line up of “stuff.” Far too often we think about or obsess over these events and don’t give enough credit to the backdrop.

We’re living in a Norman Rockwell painting. And we’re about to explode into a scene straight out of It’s a Wonderful Life. The best part is that we have a plethora of George Baileys among us. Surveying storm damage meant I also witnessed neighbors helping one another by raking leaves and picking up sticks. I saw public works and electric crews smiling despite long hours and elected officials pitching in whenever and wherever needed. Say what you want about Mother Nature, but she often brings out the very best in us. Moreover, she makes us shine a light on one another.

I am all in on Madison. I’m entering my third year as a resident and while I didn’t grow up here, it’s home. This Thanksgiving season I’m trying something new. I am collecting “who and what I’m grateful for in Madison” moments. You can post them on social media under the #thankfulformadisonnj or send them to us via a post at a A Madison Mom. Let’s make news for a different storm. Help say thanks to Madison and shower love on our little town with the biggest heart.