Top DIY Tips for an Awesome Bathroom

Photo by  Aaron Huber  on  Unsplash

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

In many homes, the bathroom is the sanctuary, and many seek refuge in its protective walls to de-stress, clean, and various other ablutions. It is an important part of the home but it is also one of the rooms that get dirty really fast. If your toilet is in dire need of a new look, a little organization and home DIY projects will fix it in a jiffy.

Add DIY Racks/Shelves

Have a tiny bathroom? Get creative with utilizing available space by using anything that can be used as tiered storage. This is a good opportunity to get creative because you can try putting tiered caddies by stacking inexpensive dollar-store bookshelves and many others. If you're into woodwork, you can always make custom shelves just for your bathroom. 

Bring Green

Tiny plants add a needed pop of color to an otherwise-bland bathroom. They help lower indoor pollution and literally help you breathe easy inside the home. They add an amazing contrast against immaculately white porcelain toilets and tank covers and look good by the windowsills

and anywhere that needs some livening up. If you're worried about steam killing off plants, worry not; there are perfect bathroom plants that thrive under these specific conditions.

If you're looking for more ways to make your bathroom more awesome, consider getting better-looking utilities that actually help you save water and money. Sometimes, flushing can be a nightmare especially after a particularly heavy number two, and most toilets use at least four gallons to flush.

Try looking into Saniflo brand of toilets that are macerating upflush types, which are considered more environment-friendly and water-efficient. Best of all, you don't need to spend more for drainage and piping.

Utensil Trays/Dividers as Organizers

Toiletries, makeup, and other stuff tend to get messy inside bathroom drawers, and it can be frustrating to not find something when looking for it. Kitchen utensils’ trays work as great organizers as they have their own dividers that make everything neater and make it easier to spot needed stuff. Remember to use the plastic ones instead of the wood because the moisture from the steam may cause the material to deteriorate quickly.

Use Towels Artfully

If you have too many towels that the rack can accommodate, consider rolling them instead to save space and have them as functional decors. Feel free to pile them up neatly in one corner of the countertop for guests or above some shelves. You can also use a bathroom stool or a basket if the decor fits.

DIY Some Bath Bombs/Essential Bath Salts

If you are fond of bubble baths and long soaks in the tub, you know that store-bought bath bombs and bath salts are a luxurious way to spend bath time. However, buying those things every time you need a bath can be expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple DIY tutorials that can yield so many bath bombs or bath salts you can use anytime.

Use Mason Jars for Makeup Brushes

Mason jars are so versatile and multipurpose, and it’s no wonder they are every DIY decorator's favorite. If you have a lot of these jars hanging around, use one or two to store and organize makeup brushes, hair brushes, and more. These glass beauties so reliable that they can basically be used for almost anything, so get creative with them!

Use Wall Planters for Hair Stuff

Storing hair-straightening irons, curling wands, and blow dryers can be a hassle, and putting them on top of the countertops can be a little dangerous if there are children in the house. Store them or put them away properly after using by putting them in wall pots. This way, they are away from the reach of children and free up the countertop space too.

Final Notes

The bathroom should be a relaxing space. Apart from making it aesthetically pleasing, it should be kept clean first and foremost. Do you have any more awesome DIY tips to make a bathroom more inviting? Sound off in the comment section below.