Today's Favorite Scan - Home Ec in the 40s

When my Aunt Prudy passed away I asked if I could have all of her photos to scan. My wish was granted... and boxes and boxes and boxes of photos (in and out of albums and frames) came to my house. Flipping through photos from as far back as the 1920s has been really quite enjoyable... and I think looking at the memories (some Aunt Pru's and some mine too) really has helped me to move through some of my grief.

Photos really are an amazing thing to me. Some are simple moments in time. A glimpse of what someone looked like at one time. Some tell whole stories. Some I only glance at for a split second... others I gaze at repeatedly.

I thought maybe I would share a scanned photo from my "Aunt Prudy file" once in a while... or more often. We'll see. For now...

I'm not sure what kept me looking at this photo... but it's a favorite scan from my "work" this morning.

This is my Pop George. (Pop George is my Mom's Dad... and Aunt Prudy's "baby brother".) We asked him if he worked at a soda shop or something. He said this is actually a photo that was taken in home economics class.  It didn't have a year or anything written on the back (WRITE DATES ON YOUR PHOTOS PEOPLE!!!!!) but since he said it was home economics I'm going to guess it's probably around 1946ish (give or take a year or so).

I wonder what they made that day.  I wonder if he cut his finger while he was cooking.  I wonder if he always wore a tie to school.  I wonder if the home economics classroom is in the same place then as it was when I was in high school and took home economics 1990.